Healing the Inner Child (English) 6th to 12 Dec 2022 / https://g.page/anugraha-counselling-Centre?share
December 6th, 2022 to December 12th, 2022

Healing the Inner Child (English) 6th to 12 Dec 2022

December 6th, 2022 | https://g.page/anugraha-counselling-Centre?share

healing the Inner Child 
    • Do you have high stress or addictive behaviour?
    • Are you having chronic sicknesses or nervous break-down?
    • Do you have excess anger and hatred?
    • Are you paralysed by fear and anxiety?
    • Do you have depression, lack of energy or low self-esteem, fatigue, or no life motivation?
    • Do worry and stress manifest as physical symptoms, insomnia, or phobia?
    • Are you having repeated failures and frustrations?
    • Are you dealing with physical challenges such as chronic pain, immune diseases, or fatigue?
    Major Threads
    • Stress to flow
    • Sickness to health
    • Anger to serenity
    • Hatred to forgiveness
    • Fear to courage
    • Sadness to happiness
    • Depression to enthusiasm
    • Low energy to high energy
    • Low self-esteem to high self-esteem
    • Insomnia to good sleep
    • Addiction to liberation
    • Low to high motivation
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Bio-Psycho-Spiritual Yoga (26th to 30th Dec 2022) / Dindigul
December 26th, 2022 to December 30th, 2022

Bio-Psycho-Spiritual Yoga (26th to 30th Dec 2022)

December 26th, 2022 | Dindigul

Moderators: Fr. Mathew and Fr. John Britto Through our body, mind, and soul, we experience joy, spiritual lightness, grief, rage, and many other emotions. Let us pause and consider how we have treated our God-given body, mind, and spirit. There is always room for improvement when it comes to our well-being. Here is a great opportunity to start using authentic yoga practices to move toward better physical and mental wellness. We offer yogic practices that are secular, natural, and untainted. It combines a solid understanding of human anatomy and dietary guidelines with asana, complete pranayama, kriya (body purification), and meditative practices. The resource persons have been certified by the Indian government and continue to conduct numerous studies in the fields of Yoga and Psychology. Because we design specialized practices (medium and advanced) to each individual, this training is open to people of various ages and health situations. After finishing this course, you will be able to begin teaching small groups in asana and pranayama, which will lead to improved health, emotional stability, and spiritual development. This course would be of tremendous help to educators, stressed-out employees, and others who wish to explore the deeper dimensions of life. Note: Bank details for transferring from Indian bank accounts (Course Fee: Rs 3,000) is mentioned at the end of this page. Transfer from foreign accounts: Account Name: Anugraha Trust A/C No. 00210 530000 33382 IFSC No. SIBL0000021 MICR: 62505 9005 South Indian Bank, Dindigul

Our Centre is available for Retreats, Seminars & Training Programmes

Our Bank Account Details:

Account Name: Director, Anugraha
A/c. No. 0021053000031585
IFSC: SIBL0000021
South Indian Bank, Dindigul


Kindly draw a Demand Draft(DD) for CTP or HIC towards the Registration Fee, in favour of "The Director, Anugraha" -- payable at Dindigul,

CTP Rs. 1000/- per unit, Nonrefundable.
HIC Rs. 500/- per head, Nonrefundable.

We have developed a coherent and progressive set of training courses in psychotheraphy and counselling. We have constructed necessary substructure in Anugraha giving our students a spacious and functional training centre we continue to improve our premises and facilities we have also established programms of weekend and midweek seminars making psychotheraphy principles and skills available to a wider professional audience.

We intend to build upon, extend and expand these achievements in coming years. From the very beginning Anugraha Psychotheraphy Training Institute has maintained a solid basis in clinical work. Indeed, all the Institute trainers are well trained and are grounded in their own therapy practices.